Comparing ourselves to others is a bad habit a lot of us are guilty of (I know I’ve done it!). It brings on feelings of depression and unworthiness.

There was a time where I would look at others girls in the gym and wonder “why do I even bother? I will ever look like that!” Realizing I was having these thoughts was like a slap in the face! How did I get here? What made me feel like I had to compete with other women?

I began to jot down things about myself that I liked. At first I felt awkward. But as I continued to jot things down each day it got easier and I felt better about myself, slowly but it did happen! These other women hadn’t been through the exact same experiences I had, they had their own struggles. There is no one else out there identical to me! And that is when it happened. I stopped comparing myself to others and started competing with myself.

And that is such a great feeling. I hope that those of you struggling with this same issue read these and know that you are amazing. No one else compares to you. Because, well, there is only one you!


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